Advertising Your Business On A Beer Budget

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

Are you on a beer budget, but have a fine wine taste? Most startups are in the same position when it pertains to advertising. With that said, I believe that all advertising is good advertising. However, different forms of advertising will vary on effectiveness and cost. Timing is also something to consider when choosing the best way to advertise. A quick example is word of mouth. Totally free (Nice!), but when a business is just getting off the runway word of mouth won’t likely keep food in your mouth.

Don’t pack up shop yet, this changes as soon as people get exposed to your quality services and products. Let’s say you’re starting a concrete installation company and you need to drum up work fast. Craigslist can be a cheap, effective way to advertise ($5.00 an ad), yard signs located on the side of a busy intersection that clearly state what you do with your phone number is also an effective way to get calls when starting out. If you like to exercise, consider door hangers with a coupon offering a discount. Okay. Stop! Put away the plywood, spray paint, crayons, and construction paper and stay pro by using a print company for your yard signs and brochures. These are basic ways to advertise your business when you just need cash but remember to do it the right way and succeed.

In closing, if you need help starting a business or growing an existing business, please consider Great Family Management Consulting. Free consultations are available. Let’s take off together. If you have other ideas that can help our friends and family with their startups let us know!

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