Do You Want Happy Customers?

If you want happy customers than deliver your services on time, per spec, and within budget. One of the most common mistakes that I observe when I work with contractors is project schedule overruns. Imagine this scenario, you bring your car to your local tire shop for some premium snow killer tires and they quote you one hour to complete the work. After two hours and fifty excuses later, the mechanic tells you they’re finished. How does this make you feel? What do you think about the company? Not great, right? Especially if this is a consistent mistake the company makes. As a business owner, the way to avoid this scenario is to assign contingency time based on the percentage of risk. Think about it this way, you’re a contractor providing a service that you haven’t done before, would you call that a high risk? You bet. If you estimate that the job will take 5 days than you might consider adding another 50% to the end of the project. So instead of quoting the customer 5 days, quote 7.5 days. If you deliver your services early you got a happy customer. Deliver it late, well you know how that works. If you need help with Project Management, please reach out to Great Family Management Consulting. Let’s take off together.

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