Help! My Employees Keep Firing Me.

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

If your company has employees going AWOL like Enron after a financial audit, then this article is for you. Let me be clear, there are two types of employee attrition: natural and crazy scary. Natural attrition is around 5% to 12% per year. This blog post is focused on unnatural attrition. However, the topics covered in this blog can apply to either.

Now that we’re clear, let’s get down to business. If you want to solve this Scooby Doo mystery, you’ll need to get curious. Do your best to understand why people are so eager to leave your business and fix it. Some tools to help you are: exit interviews with follow ups two weeks after the employee quits, anonymous quarterly employee surveys, team charters, team success measurements (metrics), annual reviews, employee one-on-one’s, department meetings, etc.

As a boss, your business isn’t what your company produces, but rather the employees that produce your product or service. Take a great deal of time to understand and relate to your employees. Be the boss that asks your team how they’re doing every morning. Ask if everything is going well or if there’s something that needs to be changed and then change it if it makes sense. Be intentional. Listen! I know you’re smart, but you’re not omniscient. Your employees have ideas too.

Remember, when an employee starts to look for a new job it’s scary for the employee. It’s comparable to switching elementary schools and having to find a new bully. It stinks! If people are bailing on you because an unknown bully is better than you, fix it.

As mentioned above, implement people centric activities into the environment, develop a culture, and root out anything that is counter cultural. If you need me to expand on this blog, please let me know. Otherwise, Great Family Management Consulting is here to help! Let’s take off together.

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