Set goals that work!

Have you ever had employee that didn’t seem to be able to deliver what you want? Did you think the employee was the problem? Well, what if I were to say, “Maybe.” If you’re not using SMART goals when you assign tasks, then you might be the problem. What is a SMART goal? SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timebound. Here’s a quick example of a dumb goal, “I need you to finish painting the rooms on the main level.” This task has more vagueness then Taco Bell has beans. Let’s look at a better example: “In order to complete this job on time, I need you and Mark to finish painting the three bedrooms by 5:00PM tomorrow night. This includes the ceiling, walls, and trim paint in each bedroom. I’ve labeled the paint and placed it in the hallway next to the bedrooms. Call me on my cell if you have any questions.” Is it specific? Sure… The ceiling, walls, and the trim paint for all three bedrooms needs to be completed and the paint is labeled and can be found in the hallway. Measurable? You bet. There are three rooms with a requirement to paint the ceiling, walls, and trim. How about Attainable? Not sure, I will leave that up to the experts. I pulled the deadline out of thin air. Ha! Relevant? Absolutely. This work needs to be completed in order to close the job. Finally, timebound? Yep. It needs to be completed by tomorrow night at 5:00PM. SMART goals will help you clearly and effectively communicate to others so there’s no room for a misunderstanding. Your team will appreciate it and you will ultimately have a lot less headaches. Finally, Great Family Management Consulting is here to help! Let’s take off together.

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