New Adventure - New Villains

Professional Courtesy: So you’ve opted for a choose your own entrepreneurship adventure story and the whole world has just opened up to you. While you’re flipping through the pages of your dream come true, you’ll inevitably run into villains. These villains will try to trick you with websites that look like government websites, snail mail that will look like something out of an IRS nightmare, and phone calls from foreign nationals that will claim to have dirt on you. Don’t worry, every great adventure needs to have its villains. Ensure that you read the documentation carefully. By law these companies (scammers) will need to notate somewhere on their documentation or website that they’re not actually government agencies. Be sure to read the microscopic, 2 point font disclaimers before sending any payments. If they’re international scammers just hang up the phone. If you have questions regarding any wacky bill that you've received since you started your business, please contact Great Family Management Consulting before sending a payment. We're here to help you realize your dream and possibly fight some villains along the way.

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