New Adventures - New Villains (Fred Martin)

Well… Just when I thought the scammers have dried up another one shows up with the exact same scam as Troy Monson AKA: Other Scammer. Awesome! Right? I went more stealth mode on this one and ended up blowing it towards the end. Anyway, the standard process for these guys is to use a template for the first two or three emails and then the English dissolves into Engrish. Yikes! Just as an FYI, I’ve trimmed some of the conversation off for the sake of time. This article is a little long, but I believe it to be worth the read.

Scammer II: Fred Martin (

Fred Martin AKA: Scammer

Good am pretty okay with the price. Basically i'm currently in the hospital right now due to my health issue and i've been advice to stay off internet and cell phone am just contacting you now cause i want to secure this appointment for my family as a surprise to console them and keep them busy while am undergoing my surgery so i hope you can handle them very well??

My Reply Sorry to hear that. I hope you get feeling better. Why in the world would a doctor recommend that you stay off the phone and internet? Do you have the coronavirus? I hear that’s going around. I hope you don’t have it. I hear it’s accompanied by massive diarrhea attacks. Not fun!!!

Anyway, when should I plan on meeting these six women? What is your relationship to these women?

Fred Martin AKA: Scammer

I want you to know that the ladies will start their coaching session on the 17th of March and I prefer Tuesday and Thursday 10:00, so i hope those time is open? sharon 20yrs..... linda 18yrs......... rose 16 yrs...... puala24yrs...

joy 22yrs...

amanda 19yrs....

My Reply

The 17th is not going to work. I have a pre-scheduled meeting with CIA. However, the 19th would work out just fine.

In order to keep this moving, I need a little more information regarding this situation. First, I need the contact information for each of these ladies and description regarding what each lady looks like? Otherwise, how will I recognize them? Secondly, what are their last names?

Finally, payment is important. However, given your crazy situation dealing with the Coronavirus and the atomic diarrhea I have decided to wave the fees. So no payment is necessary. Totally free. After you're done jumping for joy like a blind person that has seen light for the first time, I need a few things from you. I need your address, social security number, and contact number for IRS tax purposes.

Fred Martin AKA: Scammer

19th is okay am cool with it and you dont need the contact info of the ladies cause it a suprice for them and they are all both family and their last name is martin..... yes payment is necessary i will be making a deposit with my credit card and i will need a little favor from you get back to me as soon as possible so we can proceed on the payment.

My Reply

Think through this with me. I don’t even know what these ladies look like. What if they show up and get connected with a different coach? Then what? That will mess this deal up big time. I don’t even know the car(s) that we be arriving in.

What kind of hospital are you in? Free is a good thing Fred. Now that we’re friends, I’m going to practice some tough love. I think the meds the hospital is giving you is impairing your judgment worse than your internet/phone allergy. Let’s press forward with free.

In regards to the favor, what do you need?

Fred Martin AKA: Scammer

i will provide all on the day they are coming and i will send the driver fees with your deposit so you will be the one to give the driver is cash hope that is ok

My Reply

Okay Fred. I’m going to throw out another area of concern. I typically meet at Village Inn. If these ladies show up escorted by a driver it might draw unnecessary attention. You know what I mean? Someone could get shanked. Let’s meet at a classier place, McDonalds. They process credit cards and make a mean Big Mac. Thoughts?

You can tell the driver to keep his money. I’m doing this job pro bono for my new found friend Fred. You can pay me back with a McDonalds gift card.

Back to the favor. What do you need buddy?

Fred Martin AKA: Scammer

I want you to extra charge my credit card for the sum of $62000,so once the money clear i want you to keep $3200 as deposit for your services and help me send $3000 for the refreshment,transportation and accommodation fees to the private limo driver via bank deposit who will be their guardian for the entire weeks of the coaching and due to am making this as a huge surprise to console them for my upcoming surgery operation, and i will like you to hold the remaining $200 as a tips for handling this for me,Thanks n God bless

My Reply

Fred! Thank you! This is great. Sorry for my late response. I went to McDonalds and made a cash deposit of $161,242.00 and managed to start the day off on an extra sunny note with a delicious McMuffin. So good! Have you had an Egg McMuffin? Man! I tear up every time I have one.

Anyway, back to business. I mentioned to the McDonald’s cashier (Rodrick) that you had a large sum of money that you would like me to deposit. That’s when I got the bad news. McDonald’s has a strict policy never to process over $10k on a credit card without the cardholder being present. Shoot! Where’s the trust gone? I’ve been eating Big Mac’s daily since I was 8. I escalated with Rodrick’s Manager, Sam who mentioned the possibility of just giving you a routing number and my account number then you could go to any McDonald’s to make the deposit. Don’t worry, I already told them that you’re allergic to the internet, so they know to expect a walk-in. I wasn’t sure if the 6 ladies will be with you or not, but I did mention that you’re my number one client and my best friend so treat you like royalty. Light up the golden arches if you know what I mean.

Bonus points! If you mention my name, you’ll get a free breakfast meal deal. You don’t need to thank me, but you’re welcome. They’ll be able to handle this transaction no problem. I usually deposit a lot more, so this is small hash browns. If you want to go with me to make the deposit, we’ll need to wait until the 19th. Is that okay? I still don’t know where you’re located. Anyway, thanks again for your generous contribution.

May you have a McAwesome Day!

In Closing As mentioned before with our friend Troy Monson AKA: other scammer, be careful out there and remember to have fun. The exciting adventure of entrepreneurship is extremely rewarding but with all of the good that you’ll experience you’ll also experience some bad. With that said, it’s worth it. As usual, Great Family Management Consulting is here to help. No need to go on the adventure alone. Until next time, may all of your adventures be filled with fun and excitement.

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